Eucrite - NEA 037

Eucrite - NEA 037

Northeast Africa 037 (NEA 037)

Classification: HED achondrite (Eucrite, unbrecciated)

History: Found in Libya in 2021.

Physical characteristics: Crusted stone. Cut surface reveals a fine-grained light-gray interior.

Petrography: (J. Gattacceca, CEREGE) Unbrecciated igneous rock with granoblastic texture. Main minerals are pyroxene (mostly low-Ca pyroxene) and plagioclase in similar abundance and typical grainsize 1.2 mm. Low-Ca pyroxene has Ca-pyroxene exsolutions. Accessory chromite, ilmenite, troilite, silica polymorph. No metal was observed.

Geochemistry: Low-Ca pyroxene Fs57.9±0.9Wo6.2±0.9, FeO/MnO = 34.3±2.7 (n=6). Ca-pyroxene Fs29.6±0.8Wo40.3±0.8, FeO/MnO = 30.6±6.1 (n=4). Plagioclase An88.1±0.6Ab11.3±0.6Or0.6±0.1 (n=7).

Specimens: Type specimen at CEREGE. Main mass with Isabelle Pothier.

Mass (g): 614

Pieces: 9

Classifier: J. Gattacceca, CEREGE

Main mass: Isabelle Pothier


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